What to look for when buying  a conservatory online

Many folks use the internet when searching for things to buy, and it’s no different for “big-ticket” items like UPVC conservatories. Doing an online search for conservatory prices is very frequent.

There are some things you should prare yourself with in terms of foreknowledge, so that you have a good idea of what type of conservatory you want and can save some time going in the wroing direction.

Types of conservatories:

  1. conservatories – mainly glass extensions added to the side of a property
  2. orangeries – grand versions of conservatories, but cna be indpendent from the property
  3. garden rooms – self contained spaces that are used as sunlounges or even home offices
  4. “glass boxes” – bespoke 100% glass rooms, usually bespoke architect designed building.

Whilst each of the above extensions can be of a idfferent look or design, it’s only conservatories that categorise themselves by different names, and the most often seen are the following types:

  • Lean-to conservatory
  • Victorian conservatory
  • Edwardian  / Georgian conservatory
  • Elizabethan / Regency Conservatory
  • P – T – L – B shaped conservatories
  • Loggia conservatories

conservatory designs

Each one of these types has a prevailing  design feature that distinguishes it from the others – it may be the shape or the use of glass or the type of roof design.

Conservatory Construction Material

Whilst you can  get hardwood or aluminium conservatories, by far the most popular material to build them from is UPVC.

This material is a rigid polymer vinyl that is extremely durable and has a very long life and takes little effort to maitntain – an ideal combination when it comes to home conservatory design.

UPVC also is avaialble in different colours which gives you another way to personalse your home extension. If you want to keep the look of wood, but need to work within a lower budget than you would need for an Oak conservatory, then the wood-grain effect UPVC finish is the solution to your dilemma. Timber grain UPVC can recreate the look of timber to a degree that can make it indistinguishable  to the real thing (from a short distance).

To find out more about UPVC conservatory prices & designs, why not check out this website: www.localconservatoryprices.co.uk/upvc-conservatory

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