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Are Composite Doors Truly Worth the Money?

Buyers Guide For Exterior Double Glazed DoorsAnyone who is in need of a new external door or two, and who in the process of making their decision, reads articles like this one, will probably be aware of composite doors.

These are doors that have been described as possessing so many of the major advantages of timber or UPVC doors, whilst avoiding many of the downsides – for example, introducing the traditional style and charm of a wooden, Downing Street-style door into a truly technologically sophisticated 21st century package.

Even with all of these advantages in mind, though, you may be wondering whether the expense of a composite door is really justified, especially if your existing wooden or UPVC door seems to be serving your present needs perfectly well.

You may be wondering how long such a door will last, as well as the benefits on a more day-to-day basis.

The disadvantages of keeping your wood or UPVC door

Anyone who has ever observed a wooden door is sure to appreciate its charm and beauty. After all, a wooden door is made out of a material that has been quite visibly sourced from nature, and it can be quite an experience simply to observe a wooden door’s appearance at close quarters, sure in the knowledge that with all of its knots, twists and turns, the wood of your particular door is completely unique.

A wooden door is also a nice complement to wooden furniture, which remains popular in the modern home on account of its cost-effectiveness, stylish appearance, longevity and durability.

That is not to suggest, however, that a wooden door is entirely stress-free to live with. Wood can be very easily adversely affected by the weather, with deterioration often setting in very quickly. That’s why it becomes so necessary to paint and varnish a wooden door on a regular basis. While a UPVC door can certainly save you from needing to invest this kind of time and energy, it does bring its own disadvantages.

  • Firstly, there are many reports of them discolouring over time, and nor are they the best aesthetic match to some older properties even when they are brand new.
  • Secondly, Bad weather can also cause them to crack, warp or expand.

Swap your old doors for longer-lasting composite ones

Double Glazed DoorsAs is suggested by the name, composite doors are made out of various composite materials which ensure all of the right qualities.

Such doors can appear, from the outside, to be 100% wooden doors, while in reality being much more robustly constructed.

This allows such doors to last much longer than those that are made out of just one or two materials, with long guarantees to match.

Indeed, many doors of this type have been known to last for thirty years or more, whereas with many of the alternative options, you are fortunate if you don’t have to replace the door for about a decade or so.

It is just one of the many advantages of composite doors, so why not look at the many excellent designs anad you could start here at this price guide.

Buyers Guide For Exterior Double Glazed Doors
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